7 cutting-edge and weird robots

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While robots as sophisticated – and quirky – as R2D2 are still only fantasy, researchers around the world are hard at work making innovative – and sometimes just plain weird – robots come alive in the real world.

Nanotech gets big in the marketplace

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Check out six ways nanotechnology is entering products in the real world and get an overview of three nanotech applications on the horizon.

Seven green energy hot spots

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Some experts believe innovation in green energy is poised to lift the global economy to new heights – and save the planet from a human-made climate catastrophe. If so, where does one head to get in on the action? Learn about seven hot spots with a lot of buzz.

The list is neither comprehensive nor ranked. As San Francisco-based GreenTech Media senior analyst Eric Wesoff put it, the green energy economy is going to require “a quilt of different technologies” developed across the country. No one region or energy supply will necessarily rule supreme.

Crazy green-energy ideas that just might work

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Fields of windmills spinning in the breeze and deserts covered with solar panels are familiar options for renewable energy. But they are far from the only technologies under consideration. Check out six other green energy ideas that are so wacky they just might work.

“Walking Wetlands” Help Declining Birds, Boost Crops

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The request struck Dave Hedlin, a farmer in Washington’s fertile Skagit Valley, as particularly odd: Conservationists wanted him to voluntarily flood his fields.

“Most of us have spent our entire lifetimes trying to keep water off the land,” said Hedlin, whose farmlands are nestled among inlets, bays, and estuaries in the shadow of the snowcapped Mount Baker volcano.

Six turnaround technologies for the auto industry

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General Motors and Chrysler are in the throes of bankruptcy. And although Frod isn’t bankrupt, it’s limping over its crippled competitors in search of skittish consumers. But most ways you look at it, the U.S. auto industry is on the ropes. Can technology save the day?

8 races and race cars that rev auto innovation

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Auto races and the engineering behind the cars gunning for the checkered flag are powerhouses of automotive technological innovation. Check out eight places where races and race cars are making a mark on the future of the industry, from proving the viability of alternative fuels to cars piloted by robots.

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